Do You Have Mould?

What is mould ?

  • Moulds are microscopic organisms, part of the fungi family
  • Mould releases tiny spores which travel through the air. Attached to these are mycotoxins and allergens which are what affect people.
  • Increased exposure to these spores can cause health complications. We recommend consulting a medical expert about the risks of mould to you.

Where do you find mould ?

  • It is present everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mould needs water, oxygen and food to grow; so this means mould can grow anywhere there is moisture.

How do you fix mould?

  • Bleach and other domestic chemicals will only hide the mould, it WILL NOT fix your issue.
  • Painting over mould WILL NOT kill or seal it up.
  • Having a professional assess the cause of the mould growth WILL allow it to be fix and prevent its return.
  • Removal of the mouldy item WILL prevent new mould spores.


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