Mould Removal

At Capital Restorations we perform mould assessments, mould removal and mould remediation in Canberra and nearby NSW. As seen in recent news mould can cause serious health issues for you and your family. Contact us if you have concerns about mould in your property. We service nearby NSW which includes out to Yass, Goulburn, Braidwood and Cooma.

Mould Needs Three Things to Grow

1. The right environment such as moisture from a water intrusion.

2. Mould spores, which are already in the environment, are readily available when a water event has occurred. Mould spores are also available if they colonise in humid conditions in a bathroom.

3. A food source. Mould loves cellulosic materials such as paper (gyprock backing), cardboard and porous wood.


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Under Sink Mold
Mold In Bathroom
bathroom cupboard mold
bathroom mold

Mould assessment is a combination of:

Identifying areas that are wet that support mould growth. This is achieved by the use of moisture meters and documented with a moisture map.

Visual inspection of mould contamination.

Surface and air sampling if required. samples are analysed at a laboratory. The laboratory microscopy detects mould present and determines microbial counts and predominant microbial genera in the samples taken from within the premises.

Structural Drying

is the process of drying out the structural elements of a property.  The structure is a house holds water and does not want to give it up.  As qualified structural driers we are capable of removing the moisture as a first step to remediating mould.

Mould Remediation

is the task of removing mould spores from contents or structure to a level that is the same or lower than the outside level.  Mould remediation will often include demolition of porous items such as gyprock and timber. Our mould remediation is conducted under the guidelines of the IICRC S520 as detailed in